SOLS ~ 2012 ~ 4/31

DIETS. So many diets. LAY OFF! Half are not worth the time because they make you unhealthy and cut our nutrients! If you want to loss some weight get a life and eat balanced and exercise!! That is all you have to do. look at me I’ve done this and lost 10 pounds just from doing a little. So… when your looking for some weight loss doing this will help! Don’t kill yourself from the inside out, just exercise more and eat right! I WAS NOT SPONSERED TO POST THIS!

2 thoughts on “SOLS ~ 2012 ~ 4/31

  1. I love your last line – made me chuckle for sure. What you say is so true for sure! There are a lot of fad diets out there, but the real issue is just choosing to be active and eat healthier food (in better portion sizes).

    Sounds like you’ve been working on eating better and exercising more – good for you! 🙂

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