SOLS ~ 2012 ~ 27/31

New Years Eve At My Aunties! We partied all night till the clock Twelve and screamed it out loud! Happy NEW YEAR!!! We had pop and pizza wail we waited for the clock. We also got the karaoke stuff out and sang and “played” the songs (we got a guitar hero guitar out and played solos). I acted like Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses. The clock struck twelve and we went to bed after that because we had to go to church the next day. I hope next years is just as great!

SOLS ~ 2012 ~ 25/31

Today was a beautiful day outside. First I went to eat lunch at Los Tres Amigos then came home withs some friends and play video games. After an hour we went outside and threw the ball. Came back in and played more video games then ate leftovers for dinner. So sad they had to leave. 🙁